Liz Chapman


Liz Chapman (b. 1984, UK) is a mixed media artist who manipulates materials to play out the role of scientist and conduit between nature and creator.

Chapman’s work focuses on biology and the natural sciences, in a drive to understand the weave and weft of the world around us. It highlights the essence of the artist’s physical relationship with the world. Recreating, mimicking and dissecting the substance of scientific phenomena, she expresses the multiple relationships the artist has with matter, and her physical creations are a corporal exploration of the natural world.

Chapman is an Associate Artist with Cross Street Arts, Wigan STEAM and facilitates voluntary Artist Discussion peer support group for artists of all disciplines.

Chapman has extensive experience of delivering and planning workshops, interactive creative projects, story and making sessions with people of all ages. Chapman also previously coordinated the D:Circus Digital Art Project; a two-year programme funded by Arts Council England and Wigan Libraries & The Museum of Wigan Life to deliver high quality digital art.